Gpu For Ravencoin

1: 3080Ti

The 3080Ti has been able to achieve a hashrate of 49 MH/s on KawPOW with a TDP of 300 watts. This makes the GPU one of the most efficient running at.175mH/W On top of this being the most efficient, this card also brings in the most profit per day at $2.24.

2: 6800XT and 6800

The 6800XT achieves 33MHz at 200Watts on the KawPow Algorithm. It makes the 6800XT second most efficient GPU for mining Ravencoin. Even though this GPU doesn”t bring in the most profit each day, it is still a good choice for the long run because it brings in about $1.48 each day at 0.165 mH/W.

3: 3070Ti

The 3070Ti makes it into the top 3 spots with an average of 39 mH/s on the KWPOW algorithm. With a power consumption of 250 watts, this GPU has an efficiency of 0.1582 mH/W. This means you”d be making $1.75 per daily.

4: 3080 / 3080LHR

Luckily, the LHR driver limits doesn”t affect these cards when mining any other algorithm except Ethash and Ethash 4G. Mining other cryptocurrencies does not affect the performance of Ethereum Classic. The 3080 /3080LHR is pulling 40.5 mH/s on the KWPOW algorithm with a TDP rating of 250 watts. For profit per day, the Antminer S9+ is able to pull $0.25 per day mining Ravencoin, whereas the 3080 / 3081LHR is able to mine $1.75 per daily.

5: 3060 / 3060LHR

With the 3060/3060LHR being a low-budget gaming card it ranks high on the list. The 3060 /3060LHR can get up to 22 mH/s on the KWPOW algorithm using 140 watts. This gives the 3060 an average power rating of 0.157 mH per watt, which is just barely below the 3070″s average power rating of 0, 161 m. The 3060 brings in $0.98 per day, just below the one dollar mark.

6: 3070 / 3070LHR

The 3070 /3070LHR is getting 26.7 mH/s on the KWPOW algorithm with a TDP rating of 140 watts. It”s still a good choice at its current price. At present, the 3070 brings in a profit of $12.10 per day.

7: 1660Ti

Even though the 1660 Ti is an older generation card, it is still very efficient. It beats out many new cards because of this! With its 1660Ti, it gets 13.3mH / s on KawPow using just 90 watts. This brings in $0.57 worth of electricity per day.

8: 6900XT

AMD”s 6900XT is able to achieve 32mH/s at 220 watts mining Ravencoin. This gives it an efficiency of 0.145mH/w and a daily profit of $1.37. With the AMD community constantly experimenting with different BIOS mods/flashes and AMD working on their driver updates. As long as AMD keeps experimenting with different BIOS mods and improves its drivers, we can look forward to seeing even better performance from our RyZen CPUs.

9: 2080Ti

The 2080Ti GPU miner gets 31.5 MH/s at 220W mining Ravencoin. This gives it an efficiency of 0.143mH/w and a daily profit of $1.35. Even though this card has dropped in price quite a bit since its release, it still ranks fairly high, making it a good buy for anyone who is looking to purchase a graphics card.

10: 3060Ti

The 3060Ti is very effective at mining ETH. Mining Ravencoin is unfortunately not among the top five cryptocurrencies to mine. The 3060Ti is able get 31.5 mH/s at 190W giving it an efficiency of.142 mH/W and a daily profit of 1.15 dollars.